True Detective: Night Country episode 3: Any Rust Cohle hopes?

True Detective: Night Country (season 4)
Photo: HBO

As we prepare ourselves to see True Detective: Night Country episode 3 on HBO this weekend, we have to talk Rust Cohle! There was some smoke about the ties to the first season in the premiere and now, said ties have been blown wide open. Travis is now confirmed as his father and beyond just that, the spirals are everywhere and the Tuttle name has been dropped.

Given all of the obvious tie-ins that are now very-much present, we do think it is fair to wonder: Is Matthew McConaughey going to turn back up?

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Given that McConaughey still remains an executive producer on the series and has since season 1, it certainly feels like reaching out to him is not a challenge. That is, of course, provided that the show wants to go in the direction of bringing Rust back. Whether or not they should is debatable. He is obviously an iconic character, and he would know a good bit about what happened to his father — and whether or not he told him about much of what he was working on once upon a time.

The big challenge with bringing Cohle into the story at this point is quite simple: He is such a force of nature that doing this may overtake what’s actually happening on-screen. We do think there is value in him eventually coming back, but would it be better as a season 5 story? There is only a six-episode journey through Alaska, and you also don’t want to overshadow some of what is going on with Danvers and Navarro, the two leads at the hear of this story. They are the ones meant to steer things along, at least for the time being.

HBO has not said anything about a possible McConaughey return, and neither have the producers. For now, just have this tucked away as a possibility.

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Do you think we are going to see Matthew McConaughey on True Detective: Night Country episode 3?

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