Is The Curse new tonight on Showtime? Season 2 chatter

The Curse season 1
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Is The Curse new tonight over on Showtime? If you want something more after the super-bizarre story last week, it’s hard to blame you. We have a hard time knowing how you explain what it is that we saw there, let alone how you follow it up.

Well, this is where we are floating up into a rather unambiguous space in regards to the future of this series. The Curse is not on the air tonight and beyond just that, the entire future of the series remains very much uncertain. It has not been renewed for more, and we’re not honestly sure that there is any further story to tell here.

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For now, just think about it like this: How do you follow up a story that featured Asher literally floating up to space? We got zero indication that this was a dream, and we gotta soon that the guy is both 100% dead and unable to be recovered. This means that the story would then be about Whitney as both a mother and star of a successful show, and what her career looks like without Asher around. Meanwhile, Dougie balances his grief again, with it being tied this time around to “cursing” his supposed friend months before his death took place.

Honestly, all of it feels too strange, and we’re not sure you’re going to find time in Emma Stone’s schedule to bring this show back. Instead, this just feels like one of those times where it is simply better to appreciate that we got the show that we did and move forward, even if the ending was polarizing.

We don’t think that Showtime is going to hurry Benny Safdie and Nathan Fielder into a renewal; because of that, there is still a chance that this could happen at any point. Prepare accordingly.

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Do you think that there is any chance at all that we see The Curse season 2 down the road?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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