The Curse season 1 finale: Is Dougie reason for Asher’s fate?

The Curse season 1
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Following the end of The Curse season 1, we tend to think that there are a billion theories as to what we saw. Asher ascended to the upper atmosphere and, presumably, then outer space. Unless this is some elaborate dream (and we doubt that it is), Nathan Fielder’s character is dead.

So what exactly caused his life to turn in a deadly, supernatural direction? You can blame Nala, or you could blame the passive home that they corrupted with the baby room. At the end of the day, though, there may be added significance to Dougie’s freakout after the fact — he is, after all, the one who cursed him not that long ago.

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Remember for a moment that when it comes to Nala’s curse, it was completely fulfilled. He didn’t get chicken in his pasta. There were more ambiguous terms on Dougie’s, and it also came after Asher made a remark about Dougie losing his wife. That was a significant loss of life, and there is an “eye for an eye” sentiment here.

Now, there is also another question about the “frenemy” sort of relationship between Dougie and Asher. Was there some jealousy here? Well, remember that Asher managed to be married to Whitney, and landed a successful show without having a lot of discernible talent and being a part of a casino scandal. This is a man who, metaphorically, fell upwards — why not have him befall a somewhat similar fate at the end of the day?

Note that this is just one of many theories out there worth thinking about with the finale, with another being the conversation between Asher and Whitney that he would be gone the moment that he was not needed anymore. The moment she had the baby, did we reach that point? In the end, Asher never would leave on his own.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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