Law & Order: SVU season 25: Is Raul Esparza open to return?

Law & Order: SVU season 25
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We have said it once, and we’ll continue to say it a thousand times — Rafael Barba is essential to the Law & Order: SVU legacy. He is one of the show’s greatest characters, a friend and sometimes-foil to Olivia Benson who makes tough choices and raises questions. He often has a unique philosophy on the world and the clients that he’s chosen to represent since stepping away from being a prosecutor.

Obviously, Raul Esparza is a busy man, with one of his most notable recent TV credits being his spot on Hulu’s A Murder at the End of the World. Is there still a chance that he turns up within Olivia’s world again, though? It at least seems like the actor is open to it.

When asked about a possible return to TV Insider, here is just some of what Esparza had to say:

Never say never. You never know. Whenever they have a delicious enough storyline for Barba to come in and wreak some havoc, I’m sure that they’ll reach out. I like sort of where we left things, too. I like that messy, hard, painful, ouch ending with Benson and Barba. I was like, that’s good, right? It’s good television.

Esparza also had a wonderful answer when asked if his character is currently thinking of Mariska Hargitay’s character:

Oh, I think he just is someone who always thinks of her. I think that he’s someone who always has her on his mind. And I think he’s someone who will always love her and is deeply connected to her, as much a part of her family as I sort of became in the world of the show, just as an actor. Who knows? He’s also someone who’s just as stubborn as Benson.

As strange as it may seem…

There is a part of us that would just love a Barba return to come as a total surprise, mostly because there is something quite enticing about being in the same shoes as Benson in the moment of seeing him again. We do think he’s one of many characters who could come back, and let’s just conclude this piece with a particular point: Given that this is the milestone 25th season, should you try harder than ever to bring back as many familiar faces as possible? On the surface, this just feels like it makes the most sense. We know that there are fewer episodes this season due to the strikes last year, but that does not change our philosophy.

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