Monsieur Spade season 2: Clive Owen hopes for more as Spade

Monsieur Spade season 1
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Even though we are just a single episode into Monsieur Spade season 1 on AMC and AMC+, we still find ourselves eager for more. How can we not be? We are talking here about an absolutely excellent show that has delivered across a number of interesting fronts, and it does feel like there is so much more in the way of interesting stuff that they could do.

At this point, the show’s future could come down to a couple of things, whether it be finding the right story for it and if the ratings dictate that there is an eagerness to keep it going. If you have not heard already, there is nothing more that Clive Owen would want than to continue to play this character.

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Speaking on this subject further as a part of a new interview with TV Insider, here is some of what Owen had to say about his conversations with executive producer Scott Frank:

“We’ve talked about the possibility of doing more … We’ve come up with some very cool ideas about where to take it, but we’ll see how this goes and then Scott and I will talk. But yeah, there are some exciting things being talked about.”

What we would love personally is a show that does continue to throw Spade into various fish-out-of-water situations where he then has to solve difficult cases. Even though he currently resides in France, it also feels like he is a man without a home. His wife is dead, and it does not appear as though he has many relationships with people who matter to him tremendously. We tend to think that over time, some of this could change — but will it this season? He could be a father figure of sorts to Teresa, but he left her at the convent and it does seem like there is some resentment there. She also does have her biological father in Philippe … though he does not exactly feel like the greatest influence in the world.

We will continue to be eager for news on a Monsieur Spade season 2 whenever AMC decides to hand it over. In the midst of that, though, there is a new episode coming to the network this weekend. Be well-aware of that now!

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Are you already eager to get a Monsieur Spade season 2 at AMC, even though we are so early on into season 1?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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