Monsieur Spade season 1 episode 2 preview: Who was the Monk?

Monsieur Spade season 1
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As we get ourselves ready to see Monsieur Spade season 1 episode 2 on AMC in just a few days, we clearly have so many questions.

For this article in particular, though, why not talk more about the Monk? This is a part of the Clive Owen series that is certainly interesting, largely because you could argue (at least on the surface) that this is the person responsible for a lot of these deaths. Yet, at the same time things could be more complicated as you dig in.

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Remember this: We did see a Monk asking for offerings during the scene with Sam Spade and Patrice at the cafe. They also did seem to match the description of the one presented by Teresa later. However, could this all be a setup? You do have to wonder that.

Think about it like this for a moment — if the killer had been around the community long enough, they would almost certainly know that this Monk exists and has a deep voice. It’s also easy to hide one’s disguise underneath that hood. They could get into the convent in a fairly unassuming manner and from there, confront Mother Superior. That is apparently when Teresa left the scene.

However, there is another question to think about here — what if someone came in after both the Monk and Teresa left? There could be a missing gap of time here that is unaccounted for, save for what some of the children may have heard while being locked away. Monsieur Spade is a show so full of questions, which is in part why it is so great.

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What do you think we are going to see moving into Monsieur Spade season 1 episode 2?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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