Reacher season 2 episode 7: Is Dixon actually a traitor?

Reacher season 2
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Coming off of the events of Reacher season 2 episode 7, we wouldn’t blame you if you had questions. That’s definitely the case when it comes to Dixon.

After all, think about what we saw over the course of the episode with her! Why did she suddenly decide to tell O’Donnell that he could sit out the final mission, especially when his family could’ve been in danger the entire season? Was it about protecting him, or trying to give herself cover? Also, why was O’Donnell roughed up so much more than her by Langston’s team at the end of the episode? All of this gives us pause.

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As for the reason why the producers could potentially make Serinda Swan’s character a villain, it would allow Reacher to have even more trust issues and reinforce his isolated lifestyle. Remember that he’s thought for a while that she is one of those people who was a missed connection earlier on in his life. She was also undercover before reuniting with the 110th this season, which also raises questions as to whether or not all is as it seems.

If there is a reason to not think that Dixon is up to something, it probably goes a little something like this: There may not be enough time to explain it! There’s only one episode left and there are a lot of loose threads that still need to be tied together, including some sort of big Langston showdown and beyond just that, some sort of resolution when it comes to the A-M storyline that has been played out slowly over the course of time. Doesn’t it make some sense to get some sort of battle out there? Otherwise, what was the point of him?

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What did you think about the events of Reacher season 2 episode 7?

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