Reacher season 2 episode 8 (finale) spoilers: A final showdown?

Reacher season 2
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Next week on Prime Video, you are going to have a chance to see Reacher season 2 episode 8, otherwise known as the big finale. What is it that you can expect?

Well, we should probably start off by saying that this is the finale and somehow, this story has really blown by fast! Why doesn’t the streaming service make these seasons longer? Your guess on that is as good as ours, but this is where we are at the moment. Things are moving rather quickly and within the finale, we tend to think there’s going to be non-stop action across the board.

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Since Prime Video hasn’t given away any specifics about the finale as of yet, we can’t hone in on any one story in particular as of this writing. With that being said, though, we do tend to believe that the focal point of the narrative will be trying to tie together as many loose ends as humanly possible. Remember for a moment that at the time of this writing, there is no confirmation that anyone other than Reacher will be back for a season 3. A part of that is by design, since this guy is a lone wolf and he prefers not to have a group a lot of the time. However, another part of it may be due to the fact that some people could die.

So when will we see the third season premiere?

We can have a longer discussion on that next week, but we wouldn’t be shocked if it arrives in a similar time frame this year to what we got with the start of season 2 in late 2023. Filming for the next batch of episodes has already begun, so it is really just a matter of whether or not the cast and crew can get everything done in time. We certainly hope that they can, anyway…

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What do you think we are going to see moving into Reacher season 2 episode 8?

Who do you think will live or die? Be sure to share right now in the comments! Once you do just that, keep coming back for more.

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