Reacher season 2 episode 7: Is another huge twist ahead?

Reacher season 2
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As many of you more than likely know at this point, Reacher season 2 episode 7 is the penultimate episode! Leading up to the finale, we tend to think there is going to be some huge stuff that happens. Think about season 1, where we saw a pretty significant twist so close to the end. Isn’t it easy to think that will happen again?

Given that seasons of the Alan Ritchson series are so short, it’s not that hard to imagine something like this happening. The real question is just with so little time left this show, how the writers would be able to bring forward such a twist and then still pay it off.

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The most obvious twist at this point is that someone who is working with Reacher is not really on his side. Is it O’Donnell? Is it Dixon? We do think there would be some irony in the fact that there have been so many questions about Swan and yet, it’s possible that Swan is actually innocent and someone else is the traitor.

If not a betrayal, then another twist may just be tied to A-M, the killer we’ve been watching get closer and closer to New York City over time. What if he confronts Reacher earlier than expected? Or, what if the two have a past connection that we don’t know about as of yet? Our hope simply remains that the writers do find a way to ensure that we’re slightly unnerved entering the finale. Do we know that Reacher will probably win? Sure, especially since a season 3 is coming. Still, it never hurts to have some questions and/or concerns along the way so we can live in suspense.

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Do you think that there’s going to be a big twist that happens before we get to the end of Reacher season 2 episode 7?

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