Reacher season 2 episode 7: Could Russo still be alive?

Reacher season 2
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As we do get ourselves prepared to see Reacher season 2 episode 7, let’s get more into a question that we know a lot of people out there have — is Russo still alive? Is there any chance of this at all?

On paper, we do think the evidence is mostly clear that the cop doesn’t make it. He was in extremely bad shape and fading to black at the end of episode 6 — with the only hope being the sound of an ambulance in the distance. If that didn’t exist, we would say that 100% he was a goner and there was no other point in discussing it.

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Even with said ambulance, we do still think there is a good 98% chance that Russo is gone, largely because this does serve the story in a pretty impactful way. This is someone Reacher doubted for a good while and as it turns out, he was clean. This is another person to get vengeance for and beyond that, it amplifies the battle further between the 110th and New Age. We know many things about Reacher, but one of the biggest ones is that he would never allow a good man to die for no reason. There is going to be a payoff here, though it remains to be seen what that is.

As we move forward, we tend to think that Alan Ritchson’s character will be really frustrated over the fact that he seemingly had Langston right where he wanted him and yet, he still got away. There are more showdowns coming here, and we have not even brought to the table here the mysterious and deadly A-M. This is someone who has been leaving a trail of bodies in his wake as he gets closer and closer to New York City. In this past episode, we saw him in Pennsylvania.

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What do you think — is Russo absolutely dead on Reacher season 2?

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