The Curse season 1 episode 10 (finale): Who needs closure?

The Curse season 1
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As so many of you more than likely know at this point, The Curse season 1 episode 10 is the big finale, and there is quite a bit ahead. Think about all of the loose ends that still need to be tied up! We are expecting a lot of drama and surprises … and possibly, some new endgames for a handful of important characters who have been featured over time.

It does feel like we’ve already had an opportunity to discuss what could happen when it comes to Whitney and Asher on the show. With that, why not talk a little bit further about what’s ahead for some of the supporting characters, as well?

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Cara – Is she ever going to get a win that is something that is not financial? We know that Whitney has poured a lot of money into her, mostly so that she can feel like she has a friend. Yet, Cara is desperate to find a way to get in touch with herself.

Fernando – Is he really just gone? Is something else terrible going to happen because he’s carrying that gun around all of the time?

Nala – She suspects that she may have supernatural powers at this point due to Asher’s prodding. It’s easy to think that something bad will happen here. (You can also throw Abshir into this, as well.)

Dougie – It’s clear that this guy is extremely depressed, likes to drink, and also is struggling with his job. It wouldn’t surprise us if he ends up killing someone, or ultimately taking his own life.

Remember now that the finale for The Curse is currently set to premiere on Showtime later this week, and we personally expect a lot of closure. There is no confirmation of a season 2, and it remains to be seen if that is something that is really even needed.

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What do you think could happen over the course of The Curse and its season 1 finale?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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