Reacher season 3: Is Alan Ritchson game for season 4?

Reacher season 2
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This is a pretty dark exciting time when it comes to Reacher on Prime Video — there is no way around that!

First and foremost, let’s start off with a reminder that we are right in the thick of the second season, which has been stuffed full of action. Meanwhile, season 3 is currently filming and based on all indications we’ve got, there’s a great chance that a season 4 is coming! This is one of the biggest shows of the year for Amazon, and we certainly do not think that it’s about to shed viewership anytime soon. The seasons are short enough at the moment that it feels like an event whenever you get to watch it — and we do also think that the powers-that-be are spacing them out enough to keep that feeling.

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So while it may be some time before a season 4 gets greenlit, Alan Ritchson himself has made it pretty darn clear he’s game to keep it going. In a comment on Prime Video’s own Instagram, he jokingly comments “1050 more seasons please!” — something that does go along with what we have heard him say in the past. This is a guy who seems to love playing Jack Reacher and all of the action and drama that comes with him. He understands both his hero status but also the sarcasm and snark.

We know that a lot of streaming shows don’t tend to have the longest shelf life in the world but in the case of Reacher, we don’t think that is going to be so much of an issue. The only real challenge long-term, beyond maintaining the viewership, is going to be working to ensure that the cost does not balloon over the course of time.

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How many seasons do you think we are going to get of Reacher at the end of the day?

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