Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 9: Last until finale

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1
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What all is there to say as we prepare for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 9 on Apple TV+ next week?

First and foremost, it feels natural to start off here by noting that we are rapidly approaching the end of the story — or, at least the end for now. As we have noted in the past, there is no season 2 ordered as of yet, but there is also no indication that this is a limited series.

For a few more details, go ahead and see the Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 9 synopsis below:

Shaw and May search for Cate and make a startling discovery. Kentario struggles with his loss.

Just based on reading that alone, it feels pretty fair to say that there are going to be plenty of emotional moments ahead — and you better just be prepared for some of those. Will there be monsters? Sure, but Monarch has done a pretty good job of making this all about the people. They are the ones who can really figure out how to best handle things entities in the years and decades to come.

What about the title?

Well, the story here in “Axis Mundi” does have something to do with planet Earth, and perhaps the celestial universe in some ways. This of it as the axis of our world, and something that could teeter off or even collapse at just about any moment. If you wanted a reason to be concerned about a LOT of characters heading into this episode, let’s just go ahead and say this: You are going to have an opportunity for that and then some.

One way or another, this episode will connect over to the finale — we will just have to wait and see exactly how that is going to happen.

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What do you most want to see moving into Monarch: Legacy of Monsters season 1 episode 9?

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