The Curse season 1 episode 8: The big Bill question

The Curse season 1
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Later this week you’ll see The Curse season 1 episode 8 arrive on Showtime, and here is your reminder that we are closing in on the finale. How is the Nathan Fielder – Emma Stone series going to tie together all the loose ends?

For the time being, here is everything that the show has to still tie up: The HGTV show, Asher and Whitney’s marriage, Nala starting to believe she has special powers, Nala’s family staying at that house, Fernando bringing a gun to work, what Asher has done to the casino, Whitney’s friendship with Cara, and whatever Dougie is actually trying to do with his life. There’s even more than this if you want to get tricky with it!

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For the time being, though, let’s take a moment here to address Bill, who was last on the show a couple of episodes ago when he deliberately ignored Asher. What was going on there? Our theory was that he’d figured out why Asher was really at the casino and on the computer, and he realized that some sort of story was going to drop. Now it has. We have to see something more on the other side of this, right? Our feeling is that there’s a little bit more aftermath to be explored here and if Asher is outed as the person laughing in that footage, it could tie into other storylines. If Whitney going to be tied to someone mocking a person who was a part of a self-exclusion program? The irony here is that Asher got the footage thinking it would help him and his wife, even at the expense of him being potentially identified.

If we don’t see more of Bill before The Curse is over, we’ll be disappointed; we just have to see whether or not the series will fully go there or not.

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What do you think The Curse season 1 episode 8 could show us in regards to Bill?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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