Fargo season 5 episode 7: Jon Hamm talks Roy, Dot dynamic

Fargo season 5
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As you prepare to see Fargo season 5 episode 7 on FX in just a matter of hours, why not talk further about Dot and Roy?

For most of the season so far, we’ve seen Juno Temple and Jon Hamm’s characters on some sort of collision course, and it makes some sense to be worried that eventually, the two would find a way to cross paths given that Roy is trying to hunt her down. Whether or not that happens on tonight’s installment remains to be seen, but we certainly do think that this is something to be worried about, at least for the time being as Dot gets more and more desperate to evade him.

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Both Hamm and Temple have been extraordinary in these parts, and it is interesting to see them anchor this show without directly interacting all that much. Speaking more on this subject to Collider, here is what the Mad Men alum had to say:

I don’t think I’ve really seen this kind of dynamic before, but because the two main characters of the season of television are on parallel tracks for the majority of the season, they don’t really interact. All their interaction is referred to in the past and is talked about by both sides, but you don’t really see it until the trains crash into each other, which comes much later in the season. Juno’s work is spectacular. It’s a great part for her and she’s wonderful in the show. But I thought it was a very cool choice of everybody to keep these two forces of nature separate until they do come together and the explosion happens.

Hamm isn’t giving anything away, mostly because it does feel inevitable that the two are going to collide. Here’s the big question: Is that going to be tonight, or some other point in the near future?

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