Could Survivor season 47, 48 be All-Star season?

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Based on where things stand at the moment, it feels inevitable that a Survivor season 47 and 48 are coming. The ratings remain great and somehow, this show has as passionate a following as ever. Sure, it may not be an industry-defining hit anymore, but it has become a semi-annual tradition for some viewers out there.

You know what else is somewhat of a tradition? For there to be returning-player seasons with this show and as of late, we have not seen that many of them. The closest that we’ve had was with Bruce, but his return for Survivor 45 was based more on an unfortunate injury the season prior. There hasn’t been a true all-star season or returning player based solely on gameplay yet through this new era. Season 46 does not appear to be one, either.

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For the time being, we do think that the folks at Survivor are actively thinking about when to make another one of these seasons happen. Conventional wisdom would suggest that either season 48 or season 50, a huge milestone, could be one. What’s the challenge with that? It’s rather simple: You need to have a great cast! With the way in which seasons film back-to-back now, it is hard to be able to use a player from a season prior, if there is one that you want. Sure, we’ve seen it occasionally (think Russell or Malcolm), but it is rare.

With this in mind, we almost would look towards either season 47 or 49 as a better chance to bring back returnees, even if you miss the milestone number. This just affords you a much better opportunity to have the full range of players you could want, and not have anyone bummed out that someone from the season beforehand is not a part of it.

In the end, we’d be shocked if we don’t see returnees by season 50 at the latest — but we’ve been enjoying meeting new players for now.

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