The Curse season 1 episode 7: Are Asher and Whitney over?

The Curse season 1
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When you look at The Curse season 1 episode 7 overall, the easiest takeaway is to remind yourself, once again, of just how bizarre and selfish these characters are, by and large. Even when they think they are doing good, they don’t know how to actually communicate!

Following this story, we do think that we have a slightly different picture of Asher. He is actively trying to communicate better in his relationship with Whitney, but he does not have any real confidence in himself at all. He finds himself embarrassed at comedy class and at his work, Dougie is completely undermining him and not making him feel important at all.

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Meanwhile, elsewhere in this episode Whitney told Cara that she and Asher are having trouble. Did she mean it? Probably, but we do also think that she was trying to do whatever she could to get Cara to sympathize with her. Within this episode, Whitney effectively buys a friend and builds a connection with someone who was always distant from her. Maybe it’s the vulnerability; or, maybe it is the money.

Either way, Whitney now has something else to do beyond spend time with Asher, and we tend to think that this is something that she is pretty happy about at the moment. Meanwhile, she also clearly has a much better time talking to Dougie than she does her own husband.

All of this suggests that these two are on the rocks, and the only thing holding them together right now is the show. Of course, there’s still another problem here, as well — the fact that Asher was in the security footage in the casino story. It seems like he won’t be directly identified, but the problem is that Whitney knows it is him. She’s worried about the implications, but also if she ever knew him at all.

If all of this does not suggest that a split is pending, what will?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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