Fargo season 5: Jennifer Jason Leigh talks Lorraine’s accent

Fargo season 5
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We know that there are a ton of questions about Fargo season 5 and for many, Lorraine’s accent may not be high on the list.

However, is it still important in some way? We do think it is curious that out of a lot of the characters on this season, she does not have the expected dialect. So, what’s going on here? Well, as Jennifer Jason Leigh herself explains it, a lot of this may be an intentional choice by the character to stand out from the crowd — basically, to demonstrate wealth in every aspect of her life.

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Speaking to TV Insider on this particular subject, the actress explained some of the conversations she had with creator Noah Hawley about the voice:

“Noah and I talked a lot about her and where she wanted to distance herself from and what she might sound like … [We] kind of landed on William F. Buckley. So I watched a lot of Firing Line, and it’s a really fun accent to do.”

We do like this explanation, especially given that it is so specific and also different from some of the other ideas that we had heard over time. (One possible idea was simply that she grew up somewhere else, but there may not be a lot of time left in the show to get into this backstory.)

Our hope is that through the remainder of season 5, we’ll see an evolution of some sort in Lorraine. While she hasn’t exactly been kind to Dot, we think a lot is going to change now that she’s seen those horrific photos. She should recognize that not only does Juno Temple’s character need help, but she also loves her son. Shouldn’t that be incredibly important to her?

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What do you most want to see the rest of the way for Lorraine on Fargo season 5?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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