A Murder at the End of the World finale: Did Lee Anderson escape?

A Murder at the End of the World season 1
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There were obviously a number of questions well worth wondering when it comes to A Murder at the End of the World and its finale. An obvious one revolved around who killed Bill, but there was also another: Did Lee Anderson manage to escape her abusive husband? There was no guarantee that this was going to happen.

First and foremost, we should start off here by noting that Lee was not the killer, and nor was she responsible in any way. All she wanted was a new start away from Andy with Zoomer at her side, but the problem was the tremendous power he held over her. Legally, she faced a lot of trouble; also, he had resources everywhere.

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Yet, following the complicated conclusion of this story, Darby was still able to help Brit Marling’s character and Zoomer (who did not know what he was doing with the murders) ultimately escape the retreat and go off undetected to a new life. Where they end up remains to be seen, but Marling guessed that she and Darby would never see each other again.

Is that really going to be the case? That answer is complicated and depends largely on whether or not we get another season. If we don’t, we tend to think that it is fair to assume the two never see each other. Lee has to find a place where she and Zoomer are safe and with someone like her, we believe that she’s going to go in a place that is both safe and covert at the same time.

For now, we can just be happy that the character does get this chance to start over. It was never something that was assured, after all.

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