A Murder the End of the World episode 7: The finale, already?

A Murder at the End of the World season 1
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In a little over 24 hours, you are going to see the A Murder the End of the World finale over at Hulu. Sure, we have known from the get-go that the Emma Corrin series was only going to be seven episodes long. Yet, there are still a lot of questions that we have!

What’s one of the biggest ones? That’s not all that complicated. We are talking here in particular about why this had to be so short of a series in the first place. Isn’t there so much more of this series we could’ve seen?

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At the moment, we are pretty keen to say so. After all, just remember for a moment here that there are multiple characters including Martin and Lu Mei who deserve so much more air time than they’ve received. It’s easy to also imagine that the murder mystery could have been stretched out further — there could have even be more victims.

However, at the same time it is clear that co-creators Brit Marling and Zal did not want to tell that sort of show that just draws things out. They had a clear plan from the beginning of what they wanted to do, and they did everything within their power to execute it. This was meant to have a clear beginning, middle, and end. We’ve enjoyed all of it — hence, our desire for more.

In the end, though, we are acutely aware of the fact that the success of A Murder the End of the World will be driven mostly by how good the finale is, and the end of the mystery makes a good bit of sense. We tend to think that the show will be perhaps the most satisfying in the event that very few people were able to actually guess the answer in advance.

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What do you think about A Murder the End of the World being only seven episodes long?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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