Magnum PI season 5 finale: Perdita Weeks on ‘fortunate’ ending

Magnum PI season 5 part 2
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We admit that the next few weeks are going to be emotional for both us and everyone else within the Magnum PI fandom. After all, NBC has suddenly revealed that the series finale will be a part of a two-episode event on January 3, which is a little bit earlier than we were hoping to see it. For us personally, we wouldn’t loved an opportunity to stretch out the remaining two episodes … but here we are. We are now in a spot where we’ll have to start waxing poetic about this epic, incredible run across two different networks and the past several years.

Now that we’ve said all of this, of course we are hoping for more! We know that a lot of people out there are crossing their fingers for the same thing.

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Regardless of whether or not we get more, though, we do take a lot of comfort in the cast and crew insisting that no matter what, the remainder of the show will be satisfying. It is a reminder that a lot of things are out of their control; one thing that they could control, though, is making sure that the end of the series stuck the landing.

For more on that, check out what Perdita Weeks had to say per Collider:

Five years is a long time to play one character. I will say, it’s very bittersweet because I love playing Juliet and, obviously, I adore my cast and all the crew. It was a really wonderful time, but I think where we left it is perfect. It’s a really, really good ending. I don’t know that you would want to see them married, bickering, and then getting divorced. There’s a lot of resolution for all the characters, not just for Magnum and Higgins. I think it’s actually a really fortunate place to end off. I told Eric [Guggenheim], the showrunner, that I don’t think it could have been any better. I’m happy with it, and I hope that the fans are, too. We were just so lucky, with their support, to come back and do another 20 episodes. It was a bonus round, which was really great. Not many people get that. It doesn’t happen that often.

Even if there is no Magnum PI season 6 in the near future, remember that the cast and crew could always come back at some other point down the road. With the way in which everyone behind the scenes loves this show, we absolutely think that they’d be eager to come back if that call ever comes in.

In the interim, the biggest thing that we can collectively continue to do is keep watching — and, of course, keep crossing our fingers and hoping for more.

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What are you hoping to get from Magnum and Higgins in particular at the end of Magnum PI season 5?

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