Survivor 45 episode 13 (finale): Ranking the final five!

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With the Survivor 45 finale airing on CBS this Wednesday, why not take a moment to discuss a possible winner? This is hopefully going to be a pretty entertaining homestretch, but we’re also not going to sit here and say that everyone has a pretty equal chance.

As a matter of fact, we’ll say this: Pending a dramatic finale, we only see three people left as having a decent shot at winning and in this case, two of them are far ahead of the third.

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We’re basing our rankings here based mostly on what we’ve seen so far, plus what we think we could see entering the finale.

5. Katurah – Does she have a resume if she makes it to the end? That’s what we have to wonder. Technically, she is at least partially responsible for Kaleb’s exit, but that was a good while ago. Her biggest issue is that she’s been under-the-radar since, and we still wonder if getting rid of Bruce was the right move.

4. Austin – Has he done a great job being safe this season? Sure, but he’s also been the second banana in just about every alliance that we’ve seen him be a part of so far this season. Drew was the brains of that operation, and Dee has full control of him. Other than his idols, what other argument does he have?

3. Jake – He’s got a great underdog story and in that way, we want to root for him as the winner! However, he needs to use his idol correctly, plus get rid of Dee and Julie, to have a chance at winning. Otherwise, being likable is probably not enough when you think about the resumes elsewhere.

2. Julie – She’s a great social player who deserves some credit for 1) using Austin’s idol after getting it to save herself and 2) making sure that she was a part of the Drew vote. We do think her drive to play and play hard is a big asset to her in closing arguments; there’s a reason so many are afraid of her.

1. Dee – She is the best player this season, and may be up there with Jesse at present as the best player of the entire modern era. She can pass him if she wins, which feels likely given that Austin and Julie seem invested in helping her make it to the end for some reason.

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Who are you rooting for moving into the Survivor 45 finale?

What are your personal rankings? Be sure to share below! Once you do just that, remember to keep coming back for more.

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