Reacher season 2 episode 4 preview: Could someone else die?

Reacher season 2
Photo: Prime Video

As you prepare to see Reacher season 2 episode 4 on Prime Video next week, how much danger are certain characters in?

Well, let’s just go ahead and share here that when it comes to this show, danger really is the name of the game. We know that all of the main characters should feel threatened, as the former members of their squad are being seemingly killed now, left and right.

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So, is any one person more in the crosshairs than anyone else? We personally are worried the most about O’Donnell right now, and that is due largely to the fact that he could be the most vulnerable of the bunch. Just think about it like this — he is the one person within this group who has really done his best to try and move forward with a family and a seemingly-normal life. There are great things that come along with this, but it could also leave you really vulnerable to be harmed again at the same exact time. This is something that we tend to think he’s not fully aware of.

As for whether or not we’re in a situation where a character has to die moving forward, let’s just make the answer pretty clear: Not so much. They could all make it! Yet, it’s clear that Reacher and company are not in a great situation with Shane and the mysterious “A.M.” character. Also, a significant death would be the sort of thing that would somehow elevate the stakes to yet another level, even if that may seem tough to do at certain points.

No matter what happens moving forward, of course we remain thrilled to see Reacher in a new environment; obviously, this one will look and feel super-different from anything that we’ve had a chance to check out in the past.

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What do you most want to see moving into Reacher season 2 episode 4 on Prime Video?

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