Reacher season 2 episode 3: Dixon and Reacher’s past, present

Reacher season 2
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We had a feeling entering Reacher season 2 that we were likely going to see a romantic connection for the title character. So, what do we have here? Well, let’s just say that this is where Dixon enters the mix.

Serinda Swan of Coroner (and several other notable shows) plays the character on the second season, and it seems like in a way, her and Reacher were actually meant to be a long time ago. They were a part of the same unit together, but Alan Ritchson’s character was worried about potentially crossing a line. Nothing ever happened.

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Now that they are in the present, let’s just say that everything has changed! What’s so interesting here is that for the second straight season, Reacher has wasted no time at all ending up with someone for at least a short period of time. Is there potential for something more here? In theory sure, or at least for the rest of the season. In the end, we do think that we’re going to be seeing the same problem here that we always do. Namely, we’re talking here about the fact that Reacher is a drifter, and someone who never has a tendency to actually stay with any place (or with anyone) for a long time. In that sense, the relationship seems doomed to fail.

However, we are still pretty early on in this season and by virtue of that, there is certainly room for a lot of other twists. It’s possible that something could develop, and maybe she will stick around for a little while longer with Reacher! Of course, it’s also clear that she’s got her own job, and that could mean a lot of other responsibilities once all of this is over.

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