Big Brother Reindeer Games episode 2: Cody Calafiore eliminated

Big Brother Reindeer Games
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If there is one thing we can say about Big Brother Reindeer Games episode 2, it’s this: Who doesn’t love an underdog story?

We had no idea that we’d become so invested in this show and yet, here we are. A lot of our personal enjoyment this time around came courtesy of the Jingle Bell Brawl, where Cody had the power to choose his team and selected Xavier, Nicole, and Frankie. He give his Naughty or Nice disadvantage to Taylor, so she had an extra hurdle before she, Danielle, Britney, and Josh could start their tree-decorating competition. This should have been an easy victory for team BB16 plus Xavier. It wasn’t.

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Somehow, the underdogs pulled through with the win! That meant that we’d have a Santa’s Showdown at the end of the episode featuring some people on Team Cody. But who? Think Xavier, Cody, and Frankie. The underdogs decided to save Nicole, thinking that she would be 100% easy to beat down the road. Xavier felt hurt because of that, so who knows where things are going to go down the road?

The final showdown

This was actually a really cool challenge! It was all about logic more so than physical strength, so it did negate most of the guys’ physical advantages. It also felt like it would going to be pretty tight between the three.

The first person who figured things out seemingly here was Xavier, who managed to move through the second Santa’s showdown of the season. He gets the chance to move forward and yet, he also is returning to a house where it feels like he is a primary target.

As for who was eliminated, Cody Calafiore is already out of the game! Despite being the season 23 champion and season 16 runner-up, he’s gone early this time.

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