The Amazing Race 35 episode 12 (finale): The big takeaways

The Amazing Race 35
Photo: CBS

Tomorrow night on CBS, you are going to have a chance to see the epic The Amazing Race 35 finale. Are you excited? It’s easy to be! We are anticipating a lot of great stuff coming up in the final leg of Seattle — especially since all of the remaining teams feel worthy in their own way.

Rather than focus on the finale itself here, though, we want to ask a slightly different question. What can the producers take away from this season to apply to others? We know that a season 36 is coming, but that one has been already filmed. With that in mind, we’re going to need to think here mostly in terms of a possible season 37. (Nothing is confirmed as of yet, but we remain optimistic.)

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1. Smart casting matters – What we love about this season is that the entire roster feels real. There isn’t any stunt casting here, or a season of social-media stars. It was easy to get invested in all of the teams and their stories, and the producers trusted the cast to bring the entertainment on their own. They did.

2. 90 minutes is fantastic – We do love how the extra time allowed the show to be able to spend more time getting to know all the contestants. It made the challenges stronger and each location all the more memorable. There are no plans for the show to go back to 60 minutes for season 36, so let’s hope it remains this way forever.

3. New locations! – In particular, let’s celebrate the show’s trip to Slovenia this season, and at least the attempts to show some different challenges around the globe. We can be critical of them visiting India for the billionth time, but this is a show that has a certain budget and also familiarity with specific countries. Meanwhile, there are others not suitable for this show for a wide array of reasons.

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What do you think CBS should take away from The Amazing Race 35 overall?

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