The Amazing Race 35 finale: Ranking the final three teams!

The Amazing Race 35
Photo: CBS

Given that The Amazing Race 35 finale is coming to CBS on Wednesday night, why not dive into the final three teams? They are all racing in the hopes of getting that grand prize and in some ways, you could level that it’s a level playing field.

After all, Joel & Garrett, Rob & Corey, and Greg & John have won legs, and they have also made grave mistakes. Moving into the final leg in Seattle, we expect a mixture of physical and mental tasks. There’s also traffic to navigate and this city can get rather congested. This is what makes ranking the remaining teams rather complicated, but also quite fun!

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Without further ado now, let’s just get into it…

3. Joel & Garrett – They are still the darkhorses despite them having a first-place finish not that long ago. They have cumulatively spent more time at the back of the back than the other two teams, and they are not going to win any footraces. Yet, they are tenacious, and we think that they have the right demeanor for not letting the stress get to them.

2. Rob & Corey – They are easily the most inspirational of the three teams, and they’ve also been steadily and consistent virtually throughout. While we’re not sure they excel at any one thing above the other two teams, they also have few weaknesses.

3. Greg & John – They showed early on in the race that they can be vulnerable and yet, they also have not finished lower than second place since the fourth leg this season. They’re the fastest team left and also incredibly smart. Provided they make no mental mistakes along the way, they have a good chance of running away with this.

No matter what happens in the finale, one thing remains the same for us: We really want the end of the season to be competitive! Things are a lot less fun if one team steamrolls everyone.

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Who are you rooting for to win The Amazing Race 35 finale at present?

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