Survivor 45 episode 12: Who is in the most danger?

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As we get ourselves prepared for Survivor 45 episode 12 on CBS in a few days, why not discuss the next Tribal Council? Someone is going to be going home before the finale, and this is a pretty painful spot for it to happen. Can you imagine lasting so long, only to then be cut at the last minute?

Unfortunately at the moment, we do think that there are a few people at the moment who are firmly within this spot. Remember first and foremost that Austin has an idol that he has to play at final six; with that, he’s sure to play it.

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Now, let’s get into the three people who are in serious danger…

Julie – This one was obvious. First and foremost, she needed an immunity idol in order to save herself, one that was not originally hers in the first place. She’s got a great case at the end of the show, and she doesn’t have a lot of trust in Drew and Austin at this point. The only thing that could help her is if Dee can bring them together.

Jake – He’s had a great run the past few weeks despite being an obvious target at every single moment. The biggest problem that he’s run into is that he’s running out of time, and he doesn’t have a lot of allies. Also, there are a lot of friends of his that are sitting on a jury, which could make him a little more of a target.

Drew – If there is a big-time blindside that could happen here, we tend to think that it is going to be him. He’s come across as overly confident at times and honestly, we think he would’ve been voted off this past episode in the event that he didn’t win immunity.

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What did you most want to see moving into Survivor 45 episode 12?

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