Big Brother Reindeer Games: Xavier, Nicole, and Cody cast

Big Brother Reindeer Games
Photo: CBS

CBS has finally confirmed the remaining cast for Big Brother Reindeer Games, and there is one simple thing to say: Why does this show love season 16 so much?

Well, just think about it like this: A solid one-third of the holiday-themed special season appeared previously on BB16, which for some reason has been featured in a wide array of different forms. (Ironically, the one person from that season we once expected 100% to come back in Zach Rance never has…)

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Since we’ve already written about Frankie Grande’s return to the show, let’s get into the other two announced today — plus a season 23 champion we are super-excited to see.

Nicole Franzel – She absolutely has her fans and yet, at the same time we would’ve rather seen Rachel Reilly or Vanessa Rousso here. (In general, it feels like a waste to not represent season 17 here much given its recent presence on Netflix.) What can Nicole do game-wise that we have not seen on the show already?

Cody Calafiore – There’s no denying he is a good player, as he’s managed to make the final two in both of his seasons. We didn’t necessarily need to see him again, but we’d actually be okay with this casting were it not for the fact that he’s with two other people from his original season. (Sure, he and Nicole had obvious beef after he cut her at the final three in All-Stars, but where are they now? Does it really matter given the premise of this show?)

Xavier Prather – This is the one we’re stoked for since he is not only entertaining, but also one of the most underrated winners. We tend to think that if you were to put him in just about any season, he has a good chance at doing well. Given that this is a competition-based show in particular, he’s got a great chance of winning.

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