Survivor 45 episode 11: Emily Flippen voted out

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As we prepared for Survivor 45 episode 11, there was really one big question we had: Were we getting a big blindside?

Let’s put it this way: Entering this week’s installment, we were pretty darn concerned that the Reba 4 were going to stick together and by virtue of that, we were going to see another predictable and frustrating conclusion. We did not want it, but it still felt like a pretty definite possibility. Yet, Drew seemed open to the idea of getting rid of Julie over Emily (who was becoming a target), and he managed to clue in Austin about it. Luckily, Emily did not risk her vote on the journey and with that, she kept her vote for Tribal Council.

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When Drew won immunity, that basically was a chance for him to get on the same page with Jake to make a big move. The discussion about taking out Julie intensified and really, the only concern here came down to what was going to happen when it comes to Dee. Do you tell her? If you don’t, you risk dealing with her wrath after the fact.

Then, there’s also another concern here with the fact that Julie has one of Austin’s idols — she never gave it back! Also, for some reason he gave her the better of the two idols! All of this is potentially insane.

The true insanity

Even before Tribal Council, things got nuts as Austin decided to tell Dee about the plan, which made at least some sense for him; however, it also made some sense to Dee to then tell Julie since they have such a close relationship. The real issue here is that Drew should’ve been the target but he was safe, and Julie was contemplating going rogue and taking Austin out after all the drama.

Julie went along with the plan and with that, chose to play her idol. So what happened as a result of this? Well, she voted out Emily, which ruined what could have been a CRAZY move.

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