The Boys season 4 teaser trailer hypes Jeffrey Dean Morgan role

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Today, Prime Video promised that we would get something big when it comes to The Boys season 4. What did we receive? Well, let’s just say a new teaser trailer that was action-packed, dramatic, and stuffed full of engaging content. If you weren’t excited for the future of the series before, we tend to think there’s a good chance that you are now. All things considered, how can you not be?

While we would not say that this trailer (watch here) gives a ton away, we will say that we got a first look at a handful of characters. Take, for starters, Sage and Firecracker, who are both set to be joining the Seven. In the case of the latter, she also seems to be some sort of opinion pundit — or at least have some sort of career beyond just being a Supe. Is that going to be a threat to one Cameron Coleman?

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As for what else we’ve got in here, Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s long-mysterious role has been teased further! While we wouldn’t say that this gives everything away at all, we certainly think there’s a little bit more to be excited about here. He seems like he might be some sort of government agent or at least a powerful suit, and there is obviously a lot to unravel there in terms of what he’s capable of and the sort of carnage that he is going to be unleashing in the world. (He’s meeting with Butcher at one point.)

Also in here, you get to see the “new” Black Noir — remember that there is someone new in that costume now! Also, Victoria Neuman’s Vice Presidential run is featured in here and she may be one of the most important adversaries this time around.

Season 4 will premiere at some point in 2024.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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