Survivor 45 episode 11: What is Julie’s path to victory?

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As we get ourselves prepared to see Survivor 45 episode 11 on CBS, signs point to Julie contemplating a huge move. Is she going to turn on the group that she’s been with the whole game in Austin, Dee, and Drew?

From the outside looking in, we do think that it’s absolutely essential that she makes a big play and now. With the way that people were talking about her on this past episode, she’s going to be perceived as a big threat. With that in mind, the other Reba members could easily target her and she could be #4 on that alliance. Dee also probably beats all of them anyway and even if Julie doesn’t want to admit to it, she can’t go to the end with her based on the control she’s got over others in the game.

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Based on where things stand at present, we do think Julie has a path to victory if he makes a move — but it’s complicated. What she needs first and foremost is to get out someone like Drew or Dee, and then find a way to move forward (at least for now) with Katurah, Emily, and Jake. Her ideal final three from where we stand is probably Katurah and then Austin, who doesn’t have claim to much so far other than his idols and could easily draw some Xander comparisons at the end of the game.

Who are the biggest winner threats right now?

Beyond Dee, we tend to think the other two are Emily and/or Jake, who could have a big case if they end up making it there just based on being underdogs and trying hard to play. That’s why it may not benefit Julie to take out the entirety of Reba; she has to be careful, but she’s shown herself to be a pretty smart and fascinating player.

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Do you think we are actually going to see Julie make a big move over the course of Survivor 45 episode 11?

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