Fargo season 5 spoilers: Is Ole Munch a sin-eater? The context

Fargo season 5
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What’s going on with Ole Munch over the course of Fargo season 5? This is something a lot of people may be curious about.

After all, in this past episode we got a little bit of backstory that explained some of who the character was centuries before. As it turns out, he is a sin-eater, paid to effectively take on the sins of others. This is something that is clearly playing out in a different way in the present in the past.

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In speaking a little bit further to TV Insider about what he is trying to do with this character, creator Noah Hawley had the following to say:

“What I wanted to explore with the Munch character really was this idea of debt and sin eating and this idea of what the rich make the poor do. And part of what the rich do to the poor is they make them feel like it’s their fault they’re poor, and that if these poor people have to borrow money from us, it makes them less than … And then we impose this morality on them that they can’t pay it back.”

Obviously, we do think there’s a lot of stuff that the show is going to explore with this guy moving forward, and we are especially interested in the meaning of the ritual he performed before heading over to what looked to be Roy’s house. He is the most enigmatic character this season and at the same time, he may also be the most polarizing. After all, remember that not everyone may love the idea of there being this centuries-old person wandering around within this world, adding another layer of complexity to the mix.

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What do you think we will be seeing for Ole Munch on Fargo season 5 moving forward?

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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