The Amazing Race 35 episode 11 preview: The plunge in Dublin

The Amazing Race 35
Photo: CBS

Next week on CBS, you are going to see The Amazing Race 35 episode 11 — we are another step closer to the big finale!

So what can we expect moving into this particular episode? We know that entering it, there are only four teams left in the competition: Steve & Anna Leigh, Rob & Corey, Joel & Garrett, and Greg & John. Tonight’s episode proved that surprises can happen and there are disadvantages to working with other teams — Joel & Garrett were able to use good directions to surpass everyone and finish in first.

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Moving forward, the remaining teams are heading off to Ireland, making this a rare opportunity to see two different cities in consecutive episodes. The challenges are going to be fun but somehow, we’re still going to see Anna Leigh yelling at her dad to run faster. She’s probably the most competitive person left, right? That doesn’t mean that the two are the most likely to win.

At this point, we do tend to think that the combination of Greg & John is still at the front of the pack, mostly because there’s no real reason to feel anything else. The two have prove, time and time again, to be a serious force. At this point, though, we do seriously think that everyone remaining is a major threat to at least make it to the finale. There are no dud teams and with that, this is really going to be about race know-how and intelligence more so than any one thing. If you are capable of thinking every task through, you’ve got a good chance of winning that grand prize.

(Of course, we’re assuming that the finale will be in America — but who knows? This show has shocked us before.)

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