Magnum PI season 5: Why all of the recent breaks?

Magnum PI season 5 part 2
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As many of you are likely aware at this point, there is no Magnum PI season 5 episode on the air tonight. Meanwhile, there was not one last week, either. There are two installments coming in early December and then, after that, another hiatus until early 2024. We are operating under the assumption that the remaining episodes of the season will be in early January — if that doesn’t happen, we are really going to start to be confused.

So what exactly is NBC doing, spacing a ton of these episodes out? Is that hurtful for the show? It could be, but the answer to this is a little more complicated than it appears on the surface.

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One thing we should note here is that what is happening, both this week and last, is fairly standard for Wednesday-night shows on the network this time of year. It was a common occurrence for One Chicago to have an episode or two airing on an island in December, and we’ve even seen it in the past with Law & Order. What is happening right now is not just exclusive to the Jay Hernandez – Perdita Weeks show, and the same can be said for its timeslot companion in Quantum Leap. The Christmas in Rockefeller Center special airing tonight always tends to air the first Wednesday after Thanksgiving, so Magnum PI is just running into some bad luck in regards to that.

As for the hiatus in late December, this is most likely due to concerns that those episodes would note rate as well when people are traveling and/or celebrating the holidays. Early January can be a pretty fruitful time for TV viewership thanks to low temperatures and people settled more into their routine, but it’s all theoretical.

If there is something to be frustrated at NBC for, it is deciding to cancel Magnum PI in the first place after 1) going through so much to acquire it and 2) it generating solid ratings for most of the year. It may not be your top-rated show, but it’s also certainly not at the bottom. It has an eager fan base and we wanted to think they would keep watching.

As viewers, the main thing we can do is be aware of the schedule — and also stay committed to watching, really no matter when the show comes on the air.

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Are you frustrated by the current schedule for Magnum PI season 5 at NBC?

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