Fargo season 5: Show EP talks casting Jon Hamm as Roy Tillman

Fargo season 5
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There are so many things that are great about Fargo season 5, but isn’t Jon Hamm as Roy Tillman high up on the list? Doesn’t it have to be, all things considered? This show has proven itself to be completely revitalized this season, while also calling back to the past … and we do tend to think the presence of the former Mad Men star is a big part of it.

Is Hamm likable in the role? Hardly. Tillman is an awful egomaniac who demeans women, disobeys rules, and demands control and often gets it. He doesn’t exactly follow the letter of the law, and it is painfully obvious to almost everyone that he is a big threat.

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So how did creator Noah Hawley come around to casting Jon in the first place? Well, as he explains to GQ, there were a number of different components that went into it:

Well, he was great in Baby Driver as a much slicker [villain] with a sort of shark smile. That movie had a little bit more of—I won’t say a cartoonish layer, but he was an archetype in that. And on some level, he’s the American sheriff here. He is also an archetype.

But Jon is a quintessentially American actor. He’s from St. Louis. He’s a Midwestern guy. He bulked up for this role. [Roy] carries this sort of [low-level criminality] around with him, even as he’s very smart. But his view of the world is so warped by a kind of entitlement narrative and a sense that the world has to work according to his dictates. An amazing thing about Mad Men is how many seasons we watched about a guy who really wasn’t a good guy. And yet, we were fascinated by him and we followed him. One of the great things about Jon is that he can play both sides of that moral spectrum.

We know at this point that one of Roy’s goals is to find a way to locate Dot Lyon (Juno Temple), and we tend to think that he’s going to stop at nothing to make that happen. Go ahead and prepare accordingly. We are still early early on in the season, and that means a lot of time for drama.

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