Fargo season 5 episode 3: Dot and Wayne in danger (again)

Fargo season 5
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At this point, doesn’t it feel like Fargo season 5 episode 3 gave you everything you could possibly want? Over the course of this one we had pirate costumes, more of Roy Tillman being terrible, Dot changing street signs, and then whatever that was with Ole Munch, easily the strangest character on the show.

While there are a lot of complex things happening here, at the end of the day, can you just say that it all really boils down to Dot trying to protect herself? She pulled a few different things throughout this and yet in the end, few of them worked. She concluded the episode still in danger from Gator and his crew, who are moving at the behest of Roy.

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Is she going to be able to make it out of this position in one piece? That feels like the prevailing question, unless she gets craft, Munch is actually at her place (why would he be?), or someone is able to actually get through to Gator. He may be able to be outsmarted, mostly because a good part of his personality right now is just being a puppet for his father.

Above all else, the biggest takeaway that we can give right now is that Fargo season 5 continues to not disappoint. While we do wish there were a few things clearer about that whole Munch side story, this is not a case where you have two clear sides here at all. The truth appears to be significantly more complicated, and this is something that we actually hope the show does explore slowly as we move forward.

For now, let’s just praise Juno Temple and Jon Hamm for being the best leads that this show has had in years — they are clearly elevating things to another level.

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