Survivor 45 episode 10: Is a split vote the only hope?

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As we prepare to see Survivor 45 episode 10 on CBS this Wednesday, it feels clear who is in control. If the current pattern holds the Reba 4 of Austin, Drew, Julie, and Dee are going to make it to the finale together. The best hope that the other contestants have is drawing rocks on an even split, and that’s not something a lot of players are willing to risk. Katurah already had that option earlier this season and, understandably, opted against it.

With all of this in mind, there may only be one real path forward for Katurah, Emily, Jake, and Bruce — and how difficult it could be to pull off.

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For starters, it would require these four to actually work together, which is complicated on many levels. Katurah has wanted Bruce out for weeks and doesn’t have a ton of trust in Jake. Meanwhile, Emily made that comment about Bruce day 1 and while they’ve mended fences, nothing is ever that guaranteed in this game! These four do need to realize that they need other, but also that it merits them making Reba think that they are fully with them.

The best hope the outsiders have right now starts with Bruce actually losing immunity, and then them thinking that Katurah and Emily are fully with them. If that happens, they could split the vote 3-3 on Jake and Bruce and get out one of them for sure. If Bruce plays his idol, it is not that big a deal.

However, if Katurah and Emily join with Bruce and Jake and put their votes on one person, it could lead to a great blindside. Austin would be the biggest target but then, you run the risk he plays one of his two idols. If you can really catch Reba off guard, the target may not matter as much.

The only other plan

You have to convince someone on Reba to flip. It doesn’t sound like Austin wants Dee out, so you have to hope that she and Julie turn on the guys instead.

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