The Curse season 1 episode 3: Was the curse actually real?

The Curse season 1
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Through the first three episodes of Showtime’s The Curse, we understand if there are questions as to what the show is really about. Is it about how Asher and Whitney are cursing the community? Or, is it actually about some sort of literal curse?

Remember Nala? This is the young girl from the first episode who “cursed” Asher after the incident with the Sprite cans. She resurfaced within this episode, as it turned out her family was living in a home that Asher and Whitney purchased as a part of their project. Within this, Whitney learns more about the “curse,” which was done as a part of a viral social-media trend. It was big briefly months before but soon after, it wasn’t anything at all.

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All of this feels innocent enough, but it turned out that a part of Nala’s curse included her not getting chicken in his meal … which actually happened that same day. Is this a coincidence? Most likely, but it led to Asher getting insanely paranoid over the idea that Nala or her family were watching them — and that obsession led to a larger argument, which then led to Whitney having to evaluate just how much of her life is truly fake.

After all, the one moment of authenticity the two had in the episode (her struggling to get off a sweater) was then turned by her into an attempt to make them more likable on social media — which we do think Asher subconsciously hated. These two are extremely broken and have no real sense of self. Also, they are struggling with the idea of the show not getting picked up because of a bad reception form a focus group.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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