Hotel Portofino season 2 episode 6 (finale): Is Rose dead?

Hotel Portofino season 2
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Is Rose dead on Hotel Portofino following the events of the season 2 finale? We knew entering the episode that there was potential for drama … and we got it and then some.

After all, the events of the final episode certainly did a lot to make you fearful, and that is before we got to some of the final shots. (If nothing else, the series is beautifully filmed, though it’s hard to swallow what you end up seeing at times! Also, Claude Scott-Mitchell is pretty fantastic as Rose!) The last thing we see of the character is her body floating in the ocean, and it doesn’t seem as though there are any signs of life there.

Can you still hold out some hope? We presume that in the world of TV, anything is possible; however, this is also the sort of story where tragedies can happen, as it does try to adhere to a certain amount of realism. The saddest thing with the Rose character is how she really does find herself at the center of so much heartache over the course of this finale, and then suffers a cruel fate of being largely forgotten about. If she is gone, we have to sit back and wonder if things could have gone a different way.

On a more positive note, can we at least celebrate the fact that the hotel will be sticking around? We suppose so! Of course, we also didn’t think that it would ever be shut down here, either.

If there is at least one other thing that we can say here that is pretty positive at present, it is mostly that we know a season 3 is coming! That means that there’s a chance to at least pick things up with some characters.

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