Bosch: Legacy interview: Will Bosch and Chandler become romantic?

Bosch: Legacy season 2
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Now that we’re coming out of Bosch: Legacy season 2, there are so many different things that we have to discuss! Yet, above all else, we know there is one question that has reverberated through the fandom for a while: Will Harry Bosch and Honey Chandler ever become romantic?

A lot of fans have noted chemistry between the two characters on social media and there is an appeal that comes with seeing love stories on TV. We understand the enthusiasm that is out there for harry and Honey to take it to another level.

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However, enthusiasm does not necessarily mean that this relationship will become romantic. We had a chance to speak with both Titus Welliver and Mimi Rogers earlier today, and they were each able to share more thoughts on the subject.

Titus Welliver – “We’re not Moonlighting. That’s not to malign Moonlighting, it’s a great show … But Mimi and I have always stayed so far away from that, to protect the integrity of the characters. They don’t even flirt. The moments that they have of buoyancy, there is no sexual tension and that’s conscious on Mimi and I’s part. If it was in the books, it’d be a different thing.”

Mimi Rogers – “I think at this point, it’d be like flirting with my brother or something. It’s not what they’re about … They have become friends, and they have become this odd sort of family, including Madison. Their relationship is based on a lot of things, and none of them are romantic. It would just be so weird.”

Season 2 of Bosch: Legacy is available now on Freevee; the series has been renewed for a third season, and we hope to see it at some point next year.

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What did you enjoy the most about Bosch: Legacy season 2 and where do you think the story will go from here? Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Be sure to stick with us for more Bosch: Legacy updates as well as more from our interview with Titus Welliver and Mimi Rogers!

This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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