Survivor 45 episode 8: Kellie Nalbandian voted out, blindsided

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We’re not going to lie: The return of the auction took up a lot of Survivor 45 episode 8. What was there in terms of strategy?

The first important thing to call out here does stem from the auction, and it is the rather simple fact that Bruce did not have a vote at Tribal Council. He did, however, have an idol, that posed with it a number of important questions. He won immunity, but could he play his idol for someone else? Will he just save it further down the road?

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The moment that the immunity challenge was over, it was pretty clear that Jake was going to be the person in the most danger. He also knew that he was in the most danger, which is why he started to look for an immunity immediately. Honestly, we don’t blame him! If you know you are in danger, you need to do whatever you can in order to stick around.

Ultimately, this is where Drew came up with an alternate plan, one that allowed him the opportunity to get Kellie out so that they can split between Jake and Bruce down the road. He second-guessed that move later on, and it really felt like going into Tribal Council, nobody had a clear sense of anything.

So what happened at Tribal Council?

Jake tried to make a pitch to everyone else to make some sort of big move, and even tried to imply that he had an immunity idol. We know that he asked Bruce to consider making some sort of move to save him, as well.

So what actually happened? Well, Jake did go ahead and play his Shot in the Dark. Did it work out for him? Well, here’s where things got interesting. Drew’s plan went through! Kellie was blindsided.

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