Magnum PI season 5 episode 15: Will Magnum, Higgins have kids?

Magnum PI season 5 part 2
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Throughout a lot of Magnum PI season 5 episode 15, we saw Magnum and Higgins have conversations about starting a family. We first saw this kick off in the midseason premiere, but as the two had further conversations tonight while undercover, it started to reveal that there were some differences in philosophy that could rear their head again.

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We don’t really think that any of this comes as much of a surprise. Magnum wants to be more of a relaxed father figure, where extreme amounts of regimented discipline are not needed in order to raise a kid. Higgins, however, had a totally different upbringing; she is used to a lot of structure and would want something similar for her kid.

While Juliet was clearly worried that some of these problems would doom the two of them in the years to come, Magnum had more of a carefree approach. He did his best to say that in time, they would figure things out and that they would find a happy medium naturally over time. This is a pretty similar philosophy that he has on much of his life, as he doesn’t want to worry about major problems until they were right in front of thim.

For now, we think that any concerns are settled, and maybe they are for the season. If the show does get a season 6 down the road, though, could they be revisited? Truthfully, we think that Magnum and Higgins are going to need to meet somewhere in the middle. While Thomas’ carefree approach can work sometimes, so can discipline and structure. If they can mold their two different worlds, they can find a unique balance that could make any future kids happy.

Why don’t we just put a pin in this for the time being — and also, celebrate a really entertaining hour of TV? We’re sad to already be so far into the second part of the season.

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