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As we prepare for the end of Big Brother 25, why not also take a look ahead toward Big Brother Canada 12? Global has already greenlit another version of the Canadian version of the show, which is also currently looking for new houseguests.

So how can one apply to be a part of the new season? An easy way to do it is by visiting the show’s official website, which is full of information as to how you can put your best foot forward and try to be on the show. Meanwhile, you can also now nominate your friends / family on social media by including the handle @BigBrotherCA and also the hashtag #FutureHoH. You have until November 15 to get your application in!

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As we get into the homestretch of the casting window, why not hear a little bit more from Arisa Cox? Recently, the show’s host and executive producer spoke to us about what it takes to get on Big Brother Canada, what producers are looking for, and also some overall advice! Take a look…

Matt & Jess – Casting is a really tough process, and I think there are also a lot of people at home who always watch and are like ‘I could [play so much better]’ at home. Can you go into why this whole process is so much tougher than it looks?

There are two things that are really tough. One is putting your money where your mouth is. There are people who watch the show who are like ‘my five year old’s a better strategist than this player. How could not see that or get that? I’ve never seen someone like me — I’ve never seen someone who sounds like me.’ We’ve heard it all. Put your money where your mouth is and apply for season 12. It is one thing to watch the show; it is another to be brave enough to put yourself out there.

Most people are far too nervous to be who they really are, in all of the ways that they are great, and all of the ways that they are not great. That’s a big deal for a lot of people, finding a way to let the country in. That’s not everyone’s bag and I get that, but I think there are a lot of people who would be really great at the game and have incredible thoughts and creative ideas, but they’ve never applied. Or, they applied once and it was like five years ago and didn’t get a call back and they left it at that.

I cannot tell you how many iconic players applied and did not get on their first time, second time, third time, or fourth time. Kevin Jacobs could have been on season 9, but he was on season 10 and he won. I can’t wait to see the people who are going to come back around and people who are finally going to apply.

The other thing that is harder than it looks is casting a show like this. Because it’s such a unique life experience, you have to get someone who really loves the idea of it, who wants to be there and wants to try and win. People we want to watch.

I know that there will be superfans who are excited to come on to play, but I also think that people who aren’t as familiar should not be intimidated. This is going pretty far back in my memory well, but I don’t think Jon Pardy knew much back in season 2. Neda had to educate him that whole season, and he won! I just think for people who hear about the show on a whim, they can still come in and play.

Just pair up with a superfan immediately if you get in and don’t know the show (laughs). Anthony Douglas was smart enough to work with Adam Pike!

I totally agree with that. [For] players who haven’t watched the last 11 seasons or know every single detail, you will learn! We will watch you learn and it will be some of the most rewarding gameplay we’ve seen. It happens all the time. Some people are just good at reading people, at finding a way out of a situation or into a situation, or even blaming another person — all of these things we love to see on a granular level. Some players and personalities are just good at it, and if they use their powers for good or evil, we’re going to find out.

I know there’s a broad sense of ‘be yourself’ that is put out there for people who want to be on the show, but you also want to be the best version of yourself — open, enthusiastic, and vulnerable. Any sort of act you put on, it’s never going to work — your true self will always come out. How would you encourage people to just cut the gimmicks and be there right away?

I would say that outside of having a working knowledge of the show — don’t be like ‘I’ve never heard of a Veto’ — be able to explain why you would be good for the show. Help us out there.

If you want to cut right to the heart [during casting], tell a story of something that made you emotional. I do want to hear whose gameplay you like and respect — ‘I like Kuzie up and down, but I’d play more like Jonathan.’ I want to hear that! I am very curious about that, since it means you have an idea about different styles of gameplay. But, maybe tell a story that takes you to a place where you drop the act.

I hear from people all the time who have a laundry list of reasons why they don’t think they’ll get cast: ‘I’m too old, I look different, I’m from a different part of the country than who ends up on the show.’ What would you say to these people?

This is the part that makes me tear my hair out. If they’re like ‘they haven’t cast a person from the north,’ be that person from the north! We can only cast actual people who exist in the world. This is not AI (laughs). We’re not typing out lists of [what we want]. We can only work with who applies.

If you are like ‘why haven’t I seen any truck drivers?’ or ‘why haven’t I seen anyone from my town of 300 people’ or ‘why haven’t I seen enough people from my province,’ I want to see those people. But, we have to be able to have a critical mass to choose from! This show is not for everyone. We want to ensure that the people applying really want to play the game and are going to be safe doing so and are going to become icons. We believe in every single person we cast on this show. I really feel for them and I give them my heart — I know how hard it is, what they are doing. A lot of people don’t understand how hard it is to open up. I give them all of the respect and love, and we want the best for them.

I say to all the people who are like ‘why isn’t there X, Y, or Z?’ be that and help us to make season 12 the most iconic ever.

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