Bosch: Legacy season 2 premiere video: Some key phone calls

Bosch: Legacy season 2
Photo: Freevee

Are you ready to check out the Bosch: Legacy season 2 premiere? We are almost to the arrival of the Titus Welliver show on Freevee. That means that, finally, we are going to get a chance in order to learn the truth about that huge season 1 cliffhanger.

So what exactly is happening to Maddie Bosch? We know that there is something pretty terrible that happened based on the end of season 1, but the big question here is precisely what that something is.

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If you head over to the show’s official Twitter, then you will have a chance to see right now another sneak peek where a desperate Harry does anything and everything he can in order to ensure that he can locate his daughter. He is making phone calls in the hopes of getting answers, but there is one problem he is running into over and over again. He is no longer a cop. Because of that, he’s not privy to the same access or information that he was in the past. There is an adjustment period that he is still going through here!

Based on everything at the moment, we tend to think that the next batch of episodes are going to have a distinct action-movie feel to them, at least at first. Finding Maddie — and hopefully she is alive — will be a key part of the start of the season. We’ll see from there where the story goes, but we tend to think that this is the sort of situation that is going to have some sort of long-term ripple effect. We are certainly curious to see where that lands for just about everyone involved here.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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