Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Who won the Veto, week 9?

Big Brother 25

Who won the week 9 Power of Veto in Big Brother 25 today? There was a lot of curiosity around it for one simple reason: Felicia.

After all, consider this — the oldest player this season is currently on the block, and she is basically in a spot where if she doesn’t win, she likely goes home. (Sure, America would rather get Mecole out, but that’s just one person.) This was an interesting position given that Felicia leaving could cause a lot of drama leading up to Thursday, but so could a scenario where she won and Cameron had to settle on a replacement nominee. (He’d specified nominating Blue if the other nominee in Mecole won, but there was some mystery otherwise.)

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Remember that Blue was chosen to play earlier today alongside Matt and America. We didn’t necessarily think that either needed to win, but the opportunity was there for them.

Who took it home in the end?

Without further ado, let’s get right to it: The feeds came back, at first, to people discussing the competition, but there was not much in terms of immediate clarity. It seemed as though Mecole may have won it based on conversation, but she later said she didn’t have it. Meanwhile, Felicia said she did pretty bad.

Finally, we got the sense that (once again) Cameron won, proving further how much of a mistake these people made letting him even make it to zombie week.

Apparently, this Veto was really fun for a lot of the players to do, and this is why they haven’t had a competition in the basement for a while: It took a long time to sit up and apparently was pretty intricate. It does sound like some sort of variation of the “crawl through darkness” that we’ve seen in the past.

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Who did you want to see win the Veto today within the Big Brother 25 house?

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