Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Zombie revival preview

Big Brother 25

The first thing that we really should do when it comes to Big Brother 25 right now is celebrate. Why is that? Well, it’s actually quite simple: Scary Week is almost over! This allows us to say goodbye to what is easily the worst week production-wise on the show in years.

Sure, there have been unlikable casts in the past or twists that didn’t work out — but at least, most of the time, there was effort. This week, because of that lost hour of TV, production was apparently worried about not being able to fit everything into tonight’s episode that they give the houseguests almost nothing. Strategy yesterday was mostly stagnant, and we’re still waiting to see whether Cameron or Jared re-enters the game.

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Based on where things stand right now, the easy assumption to make is that Cameron will come back. We’d put the odds around 90%, given that they would need to make this competition really tough for him to lose it in the allotted time. If it’s anything like that Kaitlyn competition in season 20, he should be fine. If he comes back, he may even have temporary allies in Matt and Jag who at least see him as a good shield for now. Felicia actually is the person in the most danger entering the following HoH cycle.

The other changes to the game right now are subtle. Blue has navigated herself into a good spot with Cirie as one ally and then Matt and Jag elsewhere. She also has been instructed by Jag overnight to get closer to Bowie Jane, who is going to be increasingly important as a number now that things are whittling down. She feels like a lock for final four — the problem is that Blue has considered nominating Bowie before because it was easy, but we know that at this point, she’s after Cory. She is the person he has to worry about the most right now.

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