Only Murders in the Building season 3 finale: Did Tobert kill Ben?

Only Murders in the Building season 3

As we get ourselves prepared for the Only Murders in the Building season 3 finale streaming on Hulu next week, let’s talk Tobert. Or, to be specific, let’s talk about the idea that there may be more going on with the murder of Ben Glenroy even still than what we know.

First and foremost, though, let’s state that more than likely, the story that Charles, Oliver, and Mabel pieced together of Opening Night is probably accurate. Donna had the most obvious reason to kill Ben of the suspects, even if doing it to save her son’s career is somewhat flimsy. She knew there were cookies that she could poison, knew about his weakness to the baked goods, and also would have had access to much of the theater. She also hinted at her motive in episode 8 in a conversation with Loretta, where it was made clear that she’d do anything to protect her son Cliff.

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Now, here is the important thing to remember above all others here: Ben didn’t die at the theater and for some reason, the show has barely focused on the Arconia at all. Sure, Donna could have pushed him down the elevator shaft, but there’s no evidence of that right now! This is where Tobert comes into play.

Remember this: Tobert never had to give his testimony to the cops last week, meaning that he still could be holding back secrets. Also, Ben fired him — he had a major motive to kill him, at least in that if no one knew about this, he could release the documentary as his own and profit considerably. He would not have planned it out long-term but given someone else just tried to poison Ben, he probably thought it would be easy to do this and then pawn off the act on whoever was responsible for what happened in the theater.

As for his closeness with Mabel, consider this: How better to keep tabs on the investigation than to be a part of it? Nothing is confirmed, but this is something serious to think about.

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