Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Where does Cirie stand?

Big Brother 25

As we get towards the end of day 55 within the Big Brother 25 house, where do things stand when it comes to Cirie? We understand that she’s going to garner a lot of attention in the game, even if we end up seeing Jared not make his way back in the house.

Yet, was this a pretty good day for her, despite the relative lack of gametalk? For the time being, it certainly seems that way.

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Let’s remind everyone that what Cirie does so well are the individual conversations, and she did a great job in many of them indicating that she would be a great friend and supporter to a number of people still in the house. This is effectively what she needs to do if she wants to have a reasonable chance at this. It benefits her to just be a friendly, positive person to be around, and also the push the narrative after Jared goes that she is loyal. Cory and America actually did feel a little bit of trust with her today.

Where are Cory and America’s real allegiances?

That is where things are a little tricky, given that they have two roads moving forward: One with Matt and Jag, and then another with Felicia and Mecole. We do think that Matt and Jag are a little more trusting of the two of them, but what we are trying to say in particular is that the two of them may not want to win too many Head of Households in the immediate future. We’re honestly not even sure if that is something that Cory wants to do. Their worst-case scenario is in Jared comes back, and there is always a chance that Cirie goes after them.

Still, it is really funny that despite being HoH and putting Jared on the block, he seems just as mad at Matt as anyone else. Strangely, they still have a chance.

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