Big Brother 25 live feed spoilers: Could Cameron stay? (day 49)

Big Brother 25

We are two days away from the latest Big Brother 25 eviction show happening — isn’t this the time where flip-flopping happens?

For most of the past few days, it has been clear that Cameron would go on the block for eviction and beyond just this, that he would eviction be voted out. However, is there a little bit of evidence at this point that there are some changing tides?

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For the time being, here is just some of what we can say. Earlier today, Mecole had one of her famed solo discussions in the storage room, and while there she expressed some interest in trying to get America out over Cameron — even though the path for that isn’t quite clear. It is a fairly smart move on her part, mostly because Cameron is a big target and she knows that she’d never be high on America’s list of allies.

Of course, Mecole can’t stick her neck out too much for this and she knows it — but we do think Cameron made an interesting enough pitch to Jared that he could help him in his game moving forward. He would be a weapon to use against someone like Jag, who we know is going after Jared now. There are eight people voting and Jared holds the tiebreaker. With that, if he could get Cirie, Mecole, Blue, and then either Felicia or Bowie Jane to make this move, it could happen. However, Blue is straddling the line with two different groups and Felicia continues to talk smack about Cirie; Mecole would really have to convince her.

Dissension within the ranks?

We do think Matt and Jag have some reasons to be concerned about Blue, since she has already said that she’s not in a position to nominate Jared right now. Matt recognizes that he is close to Cirie, but they have to strike while the iron is hot here. The biggest thing that Matt / Jag both need to realize is that a lot of people may be afraid of making the big move. If they want Jared or Cirie out next, they and Cory / America have to push for it.

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Do you think there is any chance that Cameron stays on Big Brother 25 moving forward?

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